Digital Observations and Perspectives

Student: Sutana Riley

Course: LIS 698

Instructor: Dr. Tula Giannini

Internship Site: 67th Street Branch- New York Public Library (NYPL)

Site Supervisor: Jill Rothstein, Library Manager

The 67th Street Branch Library is one of the ninety locations within the New York Public Library system (NYPL). Each branch is given equal digital exposure which is shared from the same access points. The prominent access point is the NYPL’s website located at This site provides catalog information about the systems collection, special events and topics pertaining to the NYPL.
In addition each branch is given access to several social media tools, such as  Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. However, the second most popular site is its digital library located at At patrons can search, download and borrow movies, music and e-books for free with a NYPL card. The NYPL also has two popular downloadable applications or apps. One is NYPL Mobile, this app provides patrons with access to their account and to the catalog. The second app is Biblion a magazine.
At the 67th Street Library technology is utilized to perform daily operational activities and primarily provide Internet access for the public. However, when the system crashes and the Internet fails staff is force to revert back to old ways of paper and pen to perform library duties until the system is up and running.

On the first floor or adult floor there are a total of twenty-nine computers. Three at the circulation desk are used to check- out and in library materials and provide reference to the public.  Another three are designated for staff usage.  Six desktops are station in the middle of the floor for public use at an interim of forty-five minutes, which provide access to Microsoft Office and popular applications. On the opposite side, they are an additional six computers. Two are reserved for catalogue searching; another two are for express Internet access for fifteen minutes. The last desktop is reserved for young adult usage. Also ten laptops are available by requested for the public use. Finally a self-check out station powered by a PC is available for those patrons interested in self-services.



On the second floor or children’s floor the set up is similarly to the first floor. Computers are divided between public and professional use. Lastly, on the third floor an additional thirteen computers are stationed in a computer lab for technology workshops, classes and staff training.  Various devices accompany the staff computers to complete operational duties such as heat-generated printers, laser printers, copy machines, laser scanners and a projector. The library owns two eReader a Kindle and a Barnes & Nobel Nook, which are used for hands-on experience during eBooks Workshop.



The technology utilized by the branch is primarily for operational duties. I believe as the public needs change the library will accommodate and provide the services and the required technologies to do so, such as the purchase of eReaders generated by the explosion of ebooks. At this point the public seems to demand free Internet access, where they can connect digitally to friends, family, employers, or just surf the net or free.


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