Nature of Work


Student: Sutana Riley

Course: LIS 698

Instructor: Dr. Tula Giannini

Internship Site: 67th Street Branch- New York Public Library (NYPL)

Site Supervisor: Jill Rothstein, Library Manager

Nature of Work   

Although my primary goal during my internship at the NYPL 67th Street Branch was to gain practical experience in planning, organizing and executing programming ideas in public libraries, I performed several duties. The majority of my time was divided into providing reference information at the information desk and customer service at the circulation desk. The remaining of my time was devoted to facilitating the eBooks and eReaders Workshop.

Information Desk

The 67th Street branch is an extremely busy branch. Customarily before opening, a line is created by eager patrons waiting outside.  Once inside patrons form a line at the information desk for several request. Usually the first request is for laptops or reserving time on desktops computers. The second most popular requesting is placing a hold on the latest bestseller book. After the morning rush is over, my attention is directed to my duties of updating the branch’s Face book account with the day’s special events and programs. Once that is completed, homebound patrons accounts are check for arriving holds, which are processed and mail out to their homes. In addition to previous mentioned duties technical and directional inquires from patrons are answered by phone and in person.

Circulation Desk

Primarily at the circulation desk my duties consist of continuously administrating library cards to new patrons, checking in and out library materials, and addressing inquires in regards to their account. Preparing arriving holds is another vital duty performed at the circulation desk. This consists of checking-in and applying numerical identification slips to the materials delivered from another branch within the NYPL network to fulfill a patron’s request. Usually the 67th Street branch receives over twenty containers with over 70 items enclosed, this task is usually completed by the end of the day


The eBooks and eReaders Workshop was created due to an overwhelming request from the public. This program provided an instructional guide to borrowing and downloading media from the NYPL website, Three classes were administered, one for the iPad, Kindle devices and the Barnes and Nobel Nook and similar eReaders. The workshops were facilitated in a computer lab by PowerPoint and with the appropriate device for demonstration and hands-on experience.


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