Project Identification

Student: Sutana Riley

Course: LIS 698

Instructor: Dr. Tula Giannini

Internship Site: 67th Street Branch- New York Public Library (NYPL)

Site Supervisor: Jill Rothstein, Library Manager


                    Project Title: 67th Street Branch’s eBook Instructional Workshop: Kindle Flyer

My primary objective during my internship at the NYPL 67th Street Branch was to gain practical experience in planning, organizing and executing programming ideas in public libraries. The Kindle workshop was a segment of the 67th Street Branch’s eBooks and eReaders instructional classes, which was created due to an overwhelming request by patrons. The workshops included the most popular eReders and tablets such as the iPad and the Barnes & Noble’s Nook. Each class was administrated with a physical device for hands-on experience and PowerPoint slides that provided a detail instruction on downloading compatible eBooks from the New York Pubic Library downloadable media website, However, this colorful and concise quadruple foldout flyer was created to remind patrons of the important steps of the borrowing and downloading process for Kindles.


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